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The collector must also be aware of perfectly legitimate reproductions. Firms like Butler and Wilson make a point of copying a wide range of earlier styles, and the Miriam Haskell company, still very much a going concern, has reissued some of its own 1940s and '50s designs to cash in on the fashion ability of silver costume jewelry india Unlike forgeries, these are not produced with any intention to deceive, but some of them nevertheless find their way into the antiques trade.

The collector's best defence against these confusing pitfalls is the same as for any kind of antique. Before you buy, take the time to learn the facts and educate your eye. Reference books are the best starting point, but they are no substitute for actually looking at costume jewelry manufacturers from India. Visit specialist stores, handle the jewelry, weigh it in your hand, examine it closely, and ask lots of questions. Most dealers have chosen to specialise because they love designer costume jewelry from india and want to share their enthusiasm. Dealers know that anyone whose interest in the subject is deeper than a simple admiration is a collector in the making, and collectors are the lifeblood of their business. A reputable, established dealer will be happy to give you historical information and practical tips, in the knowledge that your aim, at that point, is to learn rather than to buy.

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