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black sapphire silver ring jewelry

GLOBAL ECONOMICS The general among exhibitors in the Hall of Fee towards the economy is one of cat. optimism. The strength of the US is making some uneasy, but many believe the worst is over. What's m the US is, by all accounts, still the strongest buyer, followed by Asia, according to most companies.

"The economy in the UK and the US is starting to slowly pick up," says Webster. "But it might take a year or two until full confidence is regained. Having just opened Stephen Webster boutiques in Seoul and Moscow, we are extremely excited by the potential of the Korean and Russian markets."

Jarretiere recently took the brand into China and Japan. "Jarretiere has tripled its market in the last four years and we expect to perform even better in the future," reports Avallone. Outstanding products, which are unique and innovative, continue to do well, she adds. "It's still a tough time for everybod Apart from the economics, people actually love jewellery less than before. Holidays, schools, cars and houses — these are the priorities. If want to survive, beautiful silver jewellery is under pressure to become better and better," says Coin. His company has, in fact, increased its turnover but he says it's due to longer hours and more intense work.

"In the US, cities like Miami, Denver and Los Angeles have been showing great interest in our collections of black sapphire silver ring jewelry, latest partywear girls ring, fancy solid silver ring," says Bruner. "While the US and the Caribbean are our strongest markets, Russia and the Middle East are very important to us now."

Not everyone is putting their hopes in the US market. "While North America is a good market, we have to face up to the low dollar rate," says Mathon. "Markets haven't recovered their normal level of sales. However, we are still doing well in Japan."

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