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Precise dating of costume jewelry is usually impossible. The best that can be hoped for is an educated guess based on style and materials. You can certainly develop a feel for the characteristics of the various eras by examining pieces and studying books; in the case of 20th-century styles, old fashion magazines, often kept in reference library archives, can prove invaluable. Even the American cocktail jewelry which was mass-produced by large companies is difficult to pinpoint because the patent numbers which the pieces sometimes bear give only a rough idea of a date. A particular design, for example, may not have been patented until proven popular; it may then have been repeated over several decades, or the patent may in fact refer to a clip-back or some other technical innovation which has nothing to do with the design at all.

While most of the necklace costume jewelry is unsigned, by the late 19th century more pieces bore a manufacturer's or designer's mark. As a very rough guide, american indian jewelry usually bears a full signature, while European pieces tend to be marked with initials, symbols or hallmarks. The most important American exceptions to this rule are worth learning, as they are so few. The early mark for Trifari is 'KIT', Eisenberg may be signed 'E', Hattie Carnegie sometimes appears as H.C., early Ken Lane is signed K.J.L., and early Boucher bears a stylised bird's-head mark. Otherwise, a signed Miriam Haskell will say 'Haskell', a later Trifari will be marked Trifari', and so on.

Marks can appear on clasps, earring backs, brooch backs or the inside of catches. Sometimes a mark is stamped so minutely on a tiny jump ring closure that it takes a jeweller's loupe to see it.

While much american indian jewelry was signed by the mid-1930s, confusingly a great deal was not. Many of the best pieces are in fact unsigned, which should not deter the buyer provided the piece is interesting and attractive. A designer's name cannot compensate for a boring design, poor quality or condition. Many costume jewelry companies  in india produced jewelry at all price levels, but only top-of-the-line pieces command the best prices today. It is a common mistake among novice dealers and collectors to think that the name Trifari' or 'Coro' automatically makes a piece worthwhile. Ironically, some of the most mediocre designs were originally produced in vast quantities over long periods, as their very insipidity meant that they blended into every era and offended no one.

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