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Welcome to Recreational Youth Soccer Association where here in Koh Samui we hope to provide you and your group with a fabulous new holiday experience.

Football Golf is a challenging activity that is great for family and friends because rather than participating individually one by one, this game gets you and your friends playing, laughing and enjoying the holiday fun together.
With bigger holes and footballs instead of golf balls, it's quite simply a new funner version of golf that not only promises you a unique experience but also the perfect opportunity to take a break from the beach. 

The course has been designed so that any level or ability can play competitively and have laugh-out- loud fun at the same time.
However, even if you don't break the course record, you can still enjoy a pleasant walk in the swaying palms and wander around one of old Samui's beautiful coconut plantations.

So just come along and kick the football into each of the 18 holes on this course, the first and only of it's kind in Asia, and you'll soon be dying to tell your friends back home about this great new game.
No experience or equipment is necessary. Just bring your biggest smile and your loudest're going to need them!

This is a selection of customer comments made and collected about Recreational Youth Soccer Association. We are very proud to be the first football golf course in Asia and provide a leisurely, active and fun activity for all tourists in Koh Samui.

Really good, even for the girls that can’t play football! I was surprised how good I was and also how much I enjoyed it. It should be something everyone does when they come to Samui and is definitely worth having a go because it’s a great laugh playing with your friends.
Nathalie Bishop, 24, UK

It’s the second time I’ve done it and I’ll be back again. A great laugh and great service too.
Mark Tully, 24, Ireland

It was a very nice course with a variety of holes…….. It was good for us because it’s a relaxing and competitive activity well suited for groups and families. I’d recommend football golf to almost anyone with at least one leg. It’s challenging yet do-able for everyone.
Roine Jonsson, 51, Sweden

I liked football golf because I won the game against my boyfriend and it’s a little sport activity but not too much
Manuela, 25, Switzerland

It’s fun and a good sport because you don’t have to know how to play normal football.
Aulth, 28 Denmark

We loved it! It sounded like fun and looked cool so went along and played. Everyone should have a go because it’s something new and fun to do! This will be everywhere in the future.
Catrina Corbeill, 24, America

When I first heard about football golf I was skeptical but it was a great set up and a great experience. We dropped by the first time to take a look and fell in love with the place and so had to come back for a game. I got 57!!!There’s a great atmosphere there and great people running it.
Shad Knighton, 34, USA (Asian PGA Tour Caddy)

Loved it! After we saw the brochure we wanted to try it out. It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be.
Eddie Heinen, 37, USA (Asian PGA Tour Golfer)

We came to play because it sounded fun and we weren’t disappointed. It was good fun and good exercise.
Alan Crawshaw, 41 Britain.

When I first heard about football golf I thought it was a great idea and after I played I loved it even more. I think everyone should try it because anyone can play and it’s fun.
Llana, 22, US

I liked football golf because I like football but can’t play golf very well and we didn’t need to carry any clubs too. It was a good way of killing some time rather than sitting on the beach. I was surprised by the difficulty of some of the holes that looked easy at first.
Thomas Morris, 31, British

It’s a lot of fun playing this game. We saw it in the travel guide and thought it was better than staying the whole day at the beach. It’s not as easy as it looks at first sight.
Lars Rheimfauth, 31 Germany

I wish there was a course back in Ireland I would live there. I think football golf is a sport not just for football fans but for the whole family. It was great fun playing in Samui…………after we finished we relaxed and had a drink in the friendly environment.
Barry Lindsay, 23, Ireland

All round it was a great experience, something I’ve never done before.
We saw it in a brochure and had never seen anything like it before. I almost beat my boyfriend. I counted and recounted the score because I was sure I’d won but it was really fun anyway, in fact it was better fun than I ever expected it to be.
Natasha Coster, 20, Ireland

This is truly a game for everybody, from couples, to families to groups of friends looking for a good time: it’s certainly one of the most entertaining afternoons I have spent on the island and one that I am certainly going to repeat.
Su Buchanan, Editor of Samui Explorer Magazine, October 2006

As soon as we heard about football golf we rented a bike and got out to the course. We really enjoyed it because it was funny and different and were surprised how good it was. It’s also tougher than you think also. After we finished playing we played another round. I’d recommend it to everyone because it’s a great laugh.
Colin, 24 Ireland

I thought it was great fun and a great alternative when you get tired of the watersports. I’m a footballer but don’t have the patience for real golf but this is a good social activity with a competitive edge to it.
Michael Jorgensen, 26, Denmark -

It was cool and funny too. I didn’t think my girlfriend would play but she did and played well.
Claudio, 28,

It was a very nice course with a variety of holes and a good composition in the length of the holes. It was good for us because it’s a relaxing and competitive activity well suited for groups and families. I’d recommend football golf to almost anyone with at least one leg. It’s challenging yet doable for everyone.
Roine Jonsson, 51, Sweden

If we had a football golf course back home I’d play all the time. It should be everywhere.
Sean, 25 Ireland

We were looking for something to do besides lie on the beach and was interested to take a look. It really was a lot of fun.
Brett, 22, US

We saw the course on the way into Chaweng and decided to give it a go.
It’s a good way to spend part of the day and I think that football golf will slowly become a more popular pastime.
Mr Macleod, 49, Scotland

I think that one day Football golf will be played in every major resort.
Jeanette Mcleod, 21, Scotland

It’s fun, very different and even non-footballers can be good at it. I don’t play football and was surprised how quickly I picked it up. The layout of the course is nice and I was exhausted at the end but pleased I gave it a go.
Fraeser Hunter, 25, Scotland

It gives you some exercise without actually knowing as it’s good fun at the same time.
Laura Macleod, 23, Scotland

If there was a course back home I would go with my mates occasionally
Chris Loades, 32, UK

We had a really good time at Football golf. It’ll definitely catch on
Joseph Harrod, 14, England

It was very nice and we had a lot of laughter and fun playing. I was surprised about the variation of all the holes too.
Tessa de Boer, 28 Holland

Good fun. I liked football golf because the whole family could play together and it was near the hotel too.
Heidi, 31, Denmark

We decided to come and play football golf because we wanted to do something away from the pool and beach. It’s quite challenging but not too hard.
Lars Jorgensen, 31

It sounded interesting and we were a bit bored of the beach so we came and played and it was good. Not too hard and a bit challenging too. The next best thing is it’s social and we could all play together. I’d make it better though by handing out real football golf shoes and bugspray.
Oscar Hoffman and Jimmy Andersson, 17 and 23, Sweden

It was good fun because you can play against your friends and have a little competition. I think football golf’s going to be real big.
Ingela, 39, Sweden

Great fun! I would definitely play again. It’s good because it’s fun for the whole family and everybody can play.
Stefan, 36, Sweden 

Great crack!. We were sick of sitting on the beach and though let’s do it, it’ll be a bit of a crack. It was a chance for the girls to show they had a bit of skill when it comes to footy too. It’s a good change from the beach and I hope it makes its’ way to Jersey.
Pippa O’Byrne, 28, Ireland

I thought that football golf was a brilliant experience and would definitely do it again. I play golf at home at home and had never heard of it, so I wanted  to try it out. I parred the course so that’s not too bad for the first time.
Caine, 24, British

I’m football mad and would take any excuse to able to kick a football round for a few hours with a beer in my hand. It’s good because you get to test out your skills without being booted for 90 minutes. I was surprised how good the course was, some of the holes are really tricky. I was gutted that I never beat the course record though, I was 4 short of being the King of Football Golf.
Ste Hef, 31, UK

It’s a great laugh. It takes a good hour to get round so it’s good value. We played it once before and couldn’t wait to get back. Afterwards we had a beer and a chat with the owner…top lad. I’d advise everyone to have a go because it’s just great.
Paddy O Neill, 24, Ireland

The course is designed very well and every hole is different……….my friends are coming next week and I’m going to recommend it to them. They think they can play football but when they get here it will be a different kettle of fish.
Flachra Treacy, 24, Ireland

It was fun. Very enjoyable. Anyone can play.

Knud, 55, Denmark
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