Greenwoods Retreat Bandhavgarh : 
Greenwoods resort is a well equipped accommodation in Bandhavgarh. The property is composed of rows of cottages that are independent and luxurious.
The Greenwoods Resort is situated in the serene confines of Patour near the village about 500 hundred meter from the Manour Road. The well managed hotel in Bandhavgarh offers pleasing ambience inside as well as green environment outdoors.
Ashoka Resort
Greenwoods has a classic interiors warm and cozy. The restaurant serves various Indian delicacies and Continental Delight. Discover the forests of Bandhavgarh National Park while you enjoy your stay here. The hotel organizes tiger safaris and guided birding trips in the park.
Being a fully equipped resort at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve you relish both the room comfort and invigorating outdoors from where you can see the forest canopy under thru rising and setting Sun. It is a sheer joy to live in the nature's lap and Greenwoods situation accords all this.
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