Mammals in Bandhavgarh : 
Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is a prime tiger habitat. It is home to Central Indian fauna with more than 22 species of mammals. Hanuman langur and rhesus macaque represent the primate group. Among the carnivore species tiger, leopard, wolf, jackal, fox, ratel, grey and ruddy mongoose, striped hyena, wild dog and jungle cat have been notiied. Ungulates include barking deer, four horned deer, spotted deer, sambhar, chinkara, nilgai and wild boar. Porcupine, flying squirrel, lesser bandicoot rat and three-striped palm squirrel belong to Family Rodentia. Tiger Fanily
The nocturnal animals and birds are the night jars, owls Eurasian thicknee, small Indian civet and toddy cat and Rufus-tailed. The wild dog, Bengal fox, sloth bear, leopard and tiger found in Bandhavgarh are endangered animals.
Mammals List Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh -   English Name   Local name   Scientific Name
  1   Tiger   Sher / Bagh   Panthera Tigeris
  2   Leopard   Tendua/ Gulbagha   Panthera Pardus
  3   Jungle Cat   Jungli Billi   Felis chaus
  4   Wolf   Bhediya   Canis Lupus
  5   Indian Fox   Lomri/Siyar   Vulpes Bengalensis
  6   Wild Dog   Sone Kutta   Cuon Alpinus
  7   Hyaena   Lakker Bagha   Hyaena Hyaena
  8   Sloth Bear   Bhalu   Melursus Ursinus
  9   Common Languor   Bander   Presbyties
  10   Rhesus Macaque   Lal Moua Bander   Presbyties entellus
  11   Blue Bull   Nilgai   Boselaphus tragocamelus
  12   Four Horned Antelope   Chosingha   Tetraceros quadricornis
  13   Jackal   Gidar, siyar, sikat   Canis aureus
  14   Chinkara   Chigri   Gazella
  15   Samber   Samber   Cervus unicolor
  16   Spotted Dear   Chital   Cervus Axis
  17   Gaur   Jungli Bhaisa   Bos gaurus
  18   Barking Dear   Bhansa   Muntiacus Muntjac
  19   Indian wild Boar   Suar   Sus Scrofa
  20   Common Palm cat   Kasturi   Aradoxurus Hermaphroditus
  21   Small Civet cat   Kasturi   Viverricula indica
  22   Ruddy Mongoose   Neola Newra   Herpestes smithi
  23   Common Mongoose   Neola Newra   Herpestes edwardsi
  24   Honey Badger   Kaber Bijoo   Mellivora capensis
  25   Five Striped Palm Squirrel   Gilehari   Funambulus pennanti
  26   Indian Porcupine   Sehi   Hystrix indica
  27   Indian Hare   Khargosh   Lepus nigricollis
  28   Indian Pangolin   Chikara   Manis Crassicaudata
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