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Kanha National Park -
Kanha National Park Jungle Safari Kanha-In wee hours of misty morning the forests rings aloud with the roar of the majestic tiger. The thundering roar breaks the silence apart and then the Lord of the jungle emerges. Heart beats louder and louder at the sight of the Royal beast. You are in the land of the tiger.
Kanha National Park Rudyard Kipling based his stories on these magnificent forests. Kanha National Park is the finest tiger reserve in the country with over hundred Bengal tigers in an area of 1945 sq.km. Situated in Maikal Hills in the Satpura Mountains of MP, Kanha exhibits tremendous bio diversity and overwhelms with its wilderness.
Well known for making a conservation history by saving the critically endangered and rare hard ground swamp deer or the barasingha, Kanha is home to twenty-two mammal species. Tiger rules and the leopard is as elusive, herds of guar or Indian bison inhabit water holes and grasslands whence summers begin. Innumerable species of insects including butterflies and reptiles thrive at Kanha. Sal stands loom high and hill slopes are covered with verdant bamboo besides mixed tropical moist dry deciduous forest here and there. The floral diversity is a matter of serious research to uncover what more the reserve has to offer.
Tiger Safari -
Tiger Safari at Kanha An excursion into the park on Jungle safari offers sightings of a large number of deer and best chance of Tiger sighting. On a game drive one can see a wide variety of mammals in dense forests and vast stretches of grasslands which are home to the twelve antlered deer.
Leopard is seen often and wild dogs on chase are exciting sight. With luck sloth bear, barking deer and four horned deer can be seen. Wild boars, Hanuman langur and spotted deer are a common sight. There are more than two hundred species of birds at Kanha Park including winter migrants.
Tiger Safari at Kanha
Rattled tailed drongo, Paradise flycatchers and peacocks are a spectacular find for the visitors.
Pench National Park -
Pench National Park Tiger Safari at Pench The telltale marks of struggle on the soft jungle road puts in into picture the events of the night went past. The tiger had dragged the sambar kill to a sheltered spot near the Pench River . Your wild excursions begin from here as you move deep into a heart throbbing journey in the Tiger Land .
Pench National Park
Seoni Hills famous for exploits of Mowgli the wolf child discovered by Lt. Moor and so well illustrated by Rudyard Kipling in "Jungle Book" Pench lies on the border of Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh on Jabalpur Nagpur highway.
It is home to Bengal tigers as well as Indian wolf, hyena, Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther.
The mixed dry deciduous forests part of Central Indian Highlands offer mammal sightings like no where else. Impressive heads of guar and sambar deer can be seen in robust health in and around grasslands at Pench tiger reserve. Pench is named after the Pench Rivers which intersects through the park.
Wildlife Safari at Pench -
Tiger safari begins Khwasa gate entry point. In the drive through the park one gets view of wide expanse of the forests and grassland habitats. In and around Pench River the concentration of wildlife is highest especially the tigers. Leopard sighting are very popular in this park. Pench is a very good birding habitat as well offer good scope for tiger and wildlife photography in India .
Pench offers best possibility of tiger sightings in Central India and tourism is picking up as awareness about the park increases.
Wildlife Safri at Pench
Other animals seen in a tiger safari on jeep are sloth bear, jackal, wild dogs, barking deer and four horned deer. Tiger shows on elephant back assure tiger sightings to the tourists.
Panna National Park -
Panna National Park The wildlife safari at Panna begins with the thrilling site of the magnificent tiger on hunt followed by sight of a sloth bear tumbling across the jungle roads. To add to the adventure one comes across the elusive leopard sun bathing on the rocky edge of the mountain. Wild dogs on hunt chasing the terrified deer through cascading backdrop of dense tropical forest and wild stretch of Central Indian grassland.
Panna National Park -
Panna wildlife Safari-Situated in the district of Panna town, 32 kilometers from the ancient temple city of Khajuraho Panna National Park is the tiger heaven of India. It is situated in Ken River which is a sanctuary for marsh crocodiles and gharials. Declared as tiger reserve under the aegis for Project tiger, Panna is an excellent habitat for Central Indian mammals.
The scenic forests are home to tigers, leopards, sloth bear, wild dogs, Sambar deer, spotted deer and Muntjac. It is home to number of small mammals, reptile's butterflies and other insects.
Birds in Panna National Park
Bird species abound and more than two hundred species of birds are found here. The tiger tourism set up is excellent and one can go for a tiger safari whence the park is open. From October to June tiger safari are available in the park and close during the monsoons.
Panna in Madhya Pradesh can be reached from Khajuraho airport or Satna which is a railhead. It is widely connected by road. There are large numbers of hotels and wildlife resorts in the park. The accommodation is luxurious as well a budget for those seeking economy on travels in India.
Khajuraho Of treatise on stones -
Khajurao Temple
Known for their exquisite architecture, Khajuraho temples lie in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.
They are a masterpiece collection of carvings of the rock an assemblage at various Hindu temples that survive in the district of Chhattarpur.
The carvings depict Kamasutra and are a sex treatise on rocks. The temples date back to 10th century and 11 th century AD and were built by the Chandelas who ruled there. Khajuraho was the capital city of the Chandelas, but is a tourist village now.
Khajuraho temples sheer beauty and size enchant the tourist with their magnificent splendor. The historical masterpieces number about twenty at present of the eighty that were supposed to have been built.
They are the finest examples of Indo Aryan architecture. Apart from depicting day to day life of the people and Gods Goddesses and heavenly damsels the stonework is dominated by women and bizarre sexual acts.
Sexual positions are explicitly carved out on the rocks of men women and animals. The works do not by any means suggest hard core propagation of sexual pleasure but are said to be treatise on sex for the uninitiated.
The tourism infrastructure is well developed at Khajuraho with hotels of all makes and kind. Khajuraho is an airport directly connected to New Delhi and Mumbai. It is connected by railhead from Satna town. Panna National Park lies few kilometers from the temple city while Bandhavgarh National Park is few hours drive.
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